• Funguss!

  • Fast-Acting, Easy to Use,
    and Packed with a
    Unique Renewal Formula!

  • Funguss!

  • Rapid Nail Fungus
    Elimination Solution With
    Lasting Effects!


Fast-Acting, Easy to Use,
and Packed with a
Unique Renewal Formula!

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Fast-acting, Easy-to-use, & Packed with a Unique Renewal Formula

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Funguss™ is a fast and safe way to stop nail fungus. It is developed by professionals based on clinical data and produced in a top-quality FDA-registered facility. It is scientifically formulated to quickly eliminate fungal infections and help renew damaged nails. Funguss™ is designed to get results more effectively than any other treatment available

Our Customers

At Golden Nutrition, we offer Funguss™, an effective solution for nail fungus. Developed by experts, it combines potent antifungal agents with natural ingredients, ensuring safety and quick results. Made in an FDA-registered facility, customers see improvements in weeks, regaining healthy nails.

Our customers share success stories of how Funguss™ has transformed their lives. Its easy-to-use applicator and rapid action make it a convenient choice. Join them and experience the powerful effects of Funguss™ for healthier, fungus-free nails today..

How Does Funguss Work?

FUNGUSS is a topical antifungal liquid that is designed to treat toe and foot fungus. It eliminates fungal infections on the skin around cuticles, nail edges, nail tips, and between the toes.

FUNGUSS is a scientifically formulated combination of the most effective antifungal agents, essential oils and fungus fighting extracts. In order to make the most powerful and effective nail fungal solution, our professionals have combined the best of traditional research and herbal medicine in this product to absorb more easily and deliver antifungal agents to the source of the infection underneath and around the source of infection and combat the nail fungus.

It reduces the duration and frequency of infection by penetrating the deep layers underneath the nails and inhibiting fungal reproduction. Depending on the severity of your fungus, you may begin to see results within a few weeks. As the weeks go on, new healthy skin will begin to appear..


Why Funguss?

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What Makes Funguss Great?

Most other nail fungus formulas use synthetic anti-fungal agents that are not effective against many forms of fungi. Most do not contain the proper ingredients in the correct dosage and most do not have the potency needed.

FUNGUSS contains ingredients which moisturize nails, promote nail hydration and speed up the healing process of irritated skin helping to restore the original integrity, shape and color of the nails. In addition, it can soothe the itching, burning and cracking associated with toe and foot fungus.

The clinically proven ingredients of FUNGUSS provides a dual response by both removing naturally growing fungus while managing all symptoms pertaining to fungal infections, athlete’s foot and other unpleasant foot conditions to reduce their severity and pain.

The formula of FUNGUSS contains 25% Undecylenic Acid as an active ingredient which is a clinically proven anti-fungal ingredient recognized and approved by the FDA for an OTC product.


How to use FUNGUSS for best results?

Clean the affected area with soap and water or soak your feet in hot water for 5 minutes then dry well. When needed, cut nails straight across and then file so they are slightly round at the tips.


Apply liquid with the brush applicator twice daily to the skin at the base of the cuticle and at the edge of each infected nail and underneath the tip of the nail where accessible with the applicator.


Allow solution 5 minutes to absorb into surrounding skin.


Repeat the process twice daily until the healthy nail grows. As healthy nails regrow, you may clip away excess infected nail.


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Frequently Asked Questions

No, FUNGUSS is an OTC (Over The Counter) product and it is available without a prescription. Most of physicians recommend the use of topical solutions like FUNGUSS instead of oral prescriptions or invasive procedures that are much more expensive and not guaranteed to perform as well.
FUNGUSS has no known side effects but, please be careful of any allergies you may have before using FUNGUSS or consult a physician with any of your concerns before use. If you are pregnant or breastfeeding, talk with your doctor about the best way to treat a fungal infection.
In order for our product to work effectively, we recommend to apply twice a day, morning and night on the skin of the toe and foot including the cuticle and around nail edges and tips. Some users report faster results with more frequent applications.
FUNGUSS is designed to be safe and effective when applied to both fingernails and toenails.
FUNGUSS (Toenail Fungus Treatment Nail Repair Solution with Undecylenic Acid)
FUNGUSS (Toenail Fungus Treatment Nail Repair Solution with Undecylenic Acid)


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