Here you will find the answers to the questions we receive most often from customers interested in using our Lion’s Mane Complex product. If you have more questions after checking through this page, please contact us directly and we will be happy to assist you.

Where do these mushrooms come from?

All our mushrooms are grown in their indigenous environment in the Far East where their great health benefits have been discovered over 4000 years ago and have been used ever since.

How safe is it to take medicinal mushrooms?

There are no side effects. Do not exceed recommended dose. This product is not intended for pregnant or nursing mothers or children under the age of 18. If you have a known medical condition or are taking any prescription medication, consult a physician before using this or any dietary supplement.

I am taking your Lion’s Mane Complex for over a year now. I feel great, but when should I stop taking them?

Lion's Mane Complex is not a drug. It is a Dietary Supplement, so you may stop taking it at any time and start again when you feel that the effect is missing. Many of our clients are taking them for years and do not intend stopping. In these cases only a “maintenance dosage” is required – 1 capsule of each once a day.

Where is this product manufactured?

Everything is manufactured in the USA. We import to USA only the highly selected imported raw mushrooms and all the Golden Nutrition mushroom products are manufactured at a FDA registered and inspected specialized manufacturing facility.

I take a handful of other medications. But I also want to start taking one of your mushrooms. Are there any known restrictions?

None of Golden Nutrition products have any negative effect and can be combined with other medications.

I have trouble swallowing capsules, but want to start taking your mushroom supplements. What can you suggest?

You are not alone! We have a number of clients with the same issue. Just open the capsule, it is easy to do. Empty the contents into any cereal, yogurt, smoothie, salad, any meal at all and have it this way.

How fast will I notice the effect?

The effects may differ from person to person. Usually, it will take about ten days to two weeks to experience the benefits of taking this high quality supplement. A significant difference in the overall sense of well-being may be experienced after having taken the extract continuously for two months. Some people say they notice an effect within just a few minutes after intake.

Can I take the products in combination with other medication?

Yes, you can. There are no known complications associated with other medication. They may even complement each other. Theoretically, there could be interaction with medication used for autoimmune disorders. To be on the safe side, you could consult your family doctor.

Is Lion's Mane Complex product organic?

Yes, the origin of all our ingredients is organic but we do not yet have a quality mark. Our products are also free from: Salt, starch, wheat, corn, gluten, lactose, yeast, milk products, artificial preservatives, aromatic substances and colouring agents.

Is Lion's Mane Complex product vegan?

Yes, all our extracts are suitable for a vegan diet. Our products are also free from: Salt, starch, wheat, corn, gluten, lactose, yeast, milk products, artificial preservatives, aromatic substances and colouring agents.

How do you guarantee the quality of the product?

Golden Nutrition Lion's Mane Complex product is formulated in the USA at a FDA registered and inspected and GMP certified specialized manufacturing facility.

What are the Lion's Mane Complex ingredients?

Main ingredients:
Lion's Mane Mushroom Extract, Chaga Mushroom Extract, Maitake Mushroom Extract, Shiitake Mushroom Extract, Reishi Mushroom Extract

Other ingredients:
Hydroxypropyl methylcellulose, vegetable magnesium stearate, and silicon dioxide.

What can Lion's Mane Complex be used for?

Lion’s Mane Mushroom Complex:
- May boost cognitive performance.
- May protect the brain.
- May support nervous system health.
- May reduce inflammation and oxidative stress.
- May boost the immune system.
- May reduce heart disease risk.
- May support digestive health.
- May help to prevent diabetes or manage symptoms.
- May relieve symptoms of depression and anxiety.

Should Lion’s Mane be taken on an empty stomach?

You can take Lion’s Mane on an empty stomach or with food. It’s always best to check your supplement label and act according to it.

Will Lion’s Mane break a fast?

One gram of Lion’s Mane Mushroom contains less than 0.5 calories. Lion’s Mane also helps prevent blood sugar spikes. Based on this information, it’s safe to conclude that Lion’s Mane won’t break your fast.